MetroWest Daily News Reviews Aura/Ground

Chris Bergeron on the MetroWest Daily News wrote an engaging and critical review of Aura/Ground and Brian Kaplan’s Not Your Vacation.

The full article can be seen here:

Excerpt from Open to Photographic Interpretation at Danforth Art:

In “Aura / Ground,’’ Pollman is showing images from two contrasting series of photos of gravestones and nights capes that invite viewers to reconsider what they’re seeing and imagine what they can’t see. The five seemingly straightforward photos from the series “Father / Mother’’ show headstones from area cemeteries – sometimes joined, sometimes separate – only bearing the words “Father’’ and “Mother.’’

Unlike Kaplan’s shabby subjects, these aged stones seem to resist mortality, memorializing a bond that endures beyond death. [.…] Viewers can look at these photos of timeworn stones and imagine marital bonds that endure beyond death. Or, less charitably, maybe the kids bought beautiful gravestones to make things seem better than they were in real life. However, there’s nothing ironic about these photos that suggest anything but that sort of fidelity reminiscent of sepia images of patriarchs and matriarchs of other eras.

-Chris Bergeron for the MetroWest Daily News

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