Solo Show at DanforthArt I Museum and School

I’m incredibly excited about my upcoming solo show at DanforthArt I Museum and School. It has been an incredible experience working with the curatorial staff at the museum and I am excitedly planning artists talks and additional programing that will accompany the show.

September 7–November 9, 2014
Members Only Reception: Saturday, September 13, 6–8pm

This exhibition focuses on two of Sarah Pollman’s photographic projects—separated by shifts in philosophy and technique, but united in close observation of the tenuous relationship between the past and present, and the meaning we seek in identity. The spectral and uncanny are evidenced in Pollman’s nightscapes—figures hover on stairs and outside of houses, and the past is forced into the present with solemn monumentality in her depictions of grave markers. Works explore text as a signifier, and ask if an object or a place can adequately represent the ephemeral, as Pollman explores the ghostly traces we leave behind.

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I’m Moving Studios …

I’m moving studios! I’ll be leaving my studio of almost three years in Mission Hill (Boston) for one in Fields Corner in Dorchester (Boston) at the Howard Art Project. I’m in a collaborative studio with two awesome artists, Eric Petitti and Thomas Willis. And, there is a window! I couldn’t be happier.

Images of the new space are forthcoming. In the meantime, some pictures of the studio I’m a little nostalgic to leave behind.

Carousel V, hosted by Aviary Gallery

Last night, the New Art Center in Newton held Carousel V, an amazing contemporary photography event hosted by Aviary Gallery. This was a digitally projected slideshow of work by contemporary photographers, set to the musical stylings of Toromiro. In addition to the slideshow, a book was produced that included images by each participating artist. I was excited to be one of those artists!

Carousel V ran concurrent with the show I curated at the New Art Center, Flash of an Instant, on view through May 9. Flash of an Instant is part of the Curatorial Opportunity Program.

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