Courses taught as Instructor of Record 2013-present

Art History and Humanities

History of Photography: 1970 – present (Emerson College: Spring 2015; Spring 2016 – Spring 2022)
Snapshots in the Internet Age: From Family Albums to Instagram (Tufts University: Fall 2021)
Photography Across Cultures (New England College: Fall 2017)
History of Photography (New England College: Fall 2016)
Global Perspectives in the Visual Arts (New England College: Spring 2017)
Art & Media: Learning to Look (New England College: Spring 2015)

Media Production

Digital Photography (Emerson College: Fall 2020—Spring 2022)
Foundation Photo (Tufts University: Spring 2016; Spring 2017)
Intermediate to Advanced Photography (Tufts University: Fall 2015; Fall 2016)
Introduction to Photographic Imaging (Endicott College: Spring 2016)
Summer Studios: Photography (Massachusetts College of Art and Design: Summer 2015)
Digital Printing Bootcamp (School of the Museum of Fine Arts: Spring 2014; Spring 2015)
Photo I (School of the Museum of Fine Arts: Fall 2013)
Family Photographs (School of the Museum of Fine Arts: Fall 2013; Fall 2014)
Digital Photography / Editing & Printing (Lesley University: Summer 2013)

Moving Images
Photo Media I (Montserrat College of Art: Fall 2016; Spring 2017; Fall 2018)
Audio and Video Media I (Montserrat College of Art: Spring 2017; Fall 2018)

Studio Art

Fine Art
Visual Language (Massachusetts College of Art and Design: Fall 2021)
Senior Fine Arts Seminar II (Montserrat College of Art: team-taught. Spring 2018)
The Art of the Photo Book (School of the Museum of Fine Arts: Fall 2014; Fall 2015)

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