Research Interests

Photographic history and theory; visual and material culture; global art history; critical theory; memory studies; psychoanalytic theory; representations of mental illness; death and mourning; Spiritualism; sepulchral monuments; social media; critical curatorial practices; radical pedagogy; research-creation

Research Statement

My practice intertwines visual art, curatorial and pedagogical practices and I locate knowledge production at the intersections between these fields. Informed by principles drawn from art history, Critical Theory, and visual anthropology, I work in texts, curatorial interventions and visual production projects. I utilize research-creation strategies; my projects are reflexive in form towards their content and reflect my interdisciplinary background in art history and the visual arts.

My current research examines networks of signification and meaning-making in material culture. These networks range from 17th century ocean-born trade routes to Instagram, eBay and lived personal encounters and my research is often evidenced through visual models that reflect me as a willing participant within the interrogated system. Embodied encounters serve as data that I then comment on and subvert with performative gestures that manifest in photography, video, ephemeral digital interventions, painting and installation. While my interests are broadly centered on transnational exchanges of ideas through material culture, I place particular emphasis on photographic history, theory and production by working with both original and archival images to illuminate otherwise invisible histories.

Using Format